How to place an order?
Choose the required custom option drop down with product page want to buy, click on add to cart button. Then go to Shipping address and put your address and next go to Payment method add your Debit or Credit Card details and Hit Place an order.
Can I cancel a placed order?
Yes, you can cancel your order before it is shipped. You can inform to us by email at [email protected]
Which platform you use to ship orders?
We ship orders with DHL.
Can I change shipping address of an order?
Yes, you can change your shipping address before your order is shipped.
Can I exchange my order?
Yes, you can exchange your placed order with another product, until your placed order is shipped.
In what conditions I can return order?
You can return order if you received damaged or wrong order.
In how many days I can return my order?
You can return order within 7 days.
What payment methods do you accept?
We accept Credit/Debit Card payments. You can pay through all Debit/Credit Cards.
Is your website secure?
Yes, we ensure you the security of your information. You can buy from us with full confidence. We also provide 15 days money back guarantee.
Do you refund the shipping charges if I return an order? 
We will refund it in some circumstances, like if you received order is completely damaged or you cancelled your order after shipping.
What happens with refund, if card is no longer in use?
We refund to same card you have provided, if there is an error with card contact us on email.
What should I do if refund is incorrect?
We are really sorry, we've made a mistake with your refund. Get in touch with our support team.
Can I track my order?
Your order is sent to you with a trackable code. You can follow it. We also emailed it to you.